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What is Hopu?

Hopu is a mobile game that encourages children (8-12 years) to learn science through firsthand interactions with their environment.

Using Hopu, children can explore concepts of sound measured through sensors built within their own mobile devices.

Why Hopu?

Learning Science Through Hopu

Hopu is inspired by two science teaching frameworks: 

1) Predict, Observe, Explain (POE) 

2) Nature of Science (NoS)

POE refers to the process of learning where students carry out their own observations, then write and explain what they see.

NoS describes an understanding of science that is social, creative, tentative, subjective and empirical. These characteristics underpin many of the learning features that are implemented in Hopu.

Parents' responses to Hopu

"I was taken by surprise when my 7-year-old mentioned about Decibels. She then explained to me that she got to know about it from the Hopu app. It is good to see she’s interested in educational games amidst all other games these days."

Contribute to exciting new research

Hopu is still undergoing development and we are constantly looking for ways to improve. Send us your feedback via the in-game feedback button or email us at

Based on research work conducted by Augmented Human Lab at the National University of Singapore.

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